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Discover a new you, when you let adventure take the wheel. 
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Why Rent with Us?

Nathan & I love to travel, go camping, and explore the wonders of the world in our RV's. We don't do these trips alone though. We take the entire troop with us. Having 6 kids and traveling for weeks at a time in an RV many would think is impossible, but not us. We love the family time and the adventures making memories of a lifetime with our children. We love sharing our RV's so others can have the opportunity to make their own priceless memories too. We have personally traveled over 17,000 miles in our RV's over the last 5 years with our family. This has become the safest way to travel and disconnect from the world while enjoying nature. Each year we personally take the units out on an extended trip to make sure everything works as it should. We try different locations that our guests travel so we can be more knowledgeable of these great destinations to better help in planning the perfect trip. When renting one of our RV kiddo's you don't get just the RV, you get us too. 

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