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Campsite Booking Help

We have provided this page to help when looking for places to stay overnight in the different size RV's. Below you will find what info you need to know when making reservations. All these campgrounds offer what you will need for each location. Click the campground name or the destination to be linked to the sites.

Merlin- Class C, 30 amp, 24ft, No slides, electric/water

Star- Class C, 30 amp, 24ft, No slides, electric/water

Bear- Class C, 30 amp, 25ft, No slides, electric/water

Spirit of Merlin- Class C, 30 amp, 25ft, Driver side slide, electric/water

Minnie-Class C, 30 amp, 33ft, driver-side slide-out, electric/water

Winnie-Class C, 30 amp, 33ft, driver and passenger side slide-out, electric/water

Kooper- Class C, 30 amp, 33ft, driver-side slide-out, electric/water

Storm- Class B, 20 amp, 21ft, no slides, electric/water

Luigi- Class B, 30 amp, 21ft, no slideouts, electric/water

Mario- Class A, 50 amp, 30ft, driver and passenger -side slide-outs, electric/water

Zoe-Class C, 30 amp, 33ft, driver and passenger side slide-out, electric/water

Tator- Class A, 50 amp, 35ft, driver and passenger side slide-outs, electric/water

Gigi- Class C, 30 amp, 28ft with bedroom slide out, rear and driver side slide-out, electric/water.

Ruby- Class C, 30 amp, 33ft, driver and passenger side slide-outs, electric/water.

Scout- Class C, 30 amp, 33ft, driver and passenger side slide-outs, electric/water.

Site types are back in and pull thru usually. It is your preference as to which you like but pulling thru is generally easier. Electric is the minimum requirement for your campsites required by us for your comfort and safety.


Valley of Fire State Park is a public recreation and nature preservation area covering nearly 46,000 acres located 16 miles south of Overton, Nevada. The state park derives its name from red sandstone formations, the Aztec Sandstone, which formed from shifting sand dunes 150 million years ago.

The best time to travel is October-April due to heat. Popular Winter destination not recommended in late July-early Sept due to temperatures.

1 hour from Las Vegas, 2 1/2 hours from Zion, 30 minutes Lake Mead Echo Bay.


Valley of Fire Campground-Atlatl Rock (inside the park)

Echo Bay - Lake Mead (outside the park)-30 minutes 

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds?

Valley of Fire -Atlatl Rock campground gets a "WOW" from guests day and night. Star gazing at night, hiking, and seeing all the formations during the day. In high temperatures, the park has been known to close for safety. Echo Bay is perfect when wanting to cool down along the Lake. This campground is 20 miles from Elephant Rock. 



Zion National Park is a southwest Utah nature preserve distinguished by Zion Canyon’s steep red cliffs. Zion Canyon Scenic Drive cuts through its main section, leading to forest trails along the Virgin River. The river flows to the Emerald Pools with waterfalls and a hanging garden. Also along the river, partly through deep chasms, is Zion Narrows wading hike.

Available year-round for travel

2 1/2 hours away from Las Vegas, 2 hours from Bryce, 1 hour from Saint George.


Watchman's - in Zion National Park

Zion Canyon- Springdale (1 mile outside the park)

Zion River Resort- Virgin (30 minutes from the park)

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds?

Who doesn't love the idea of camping inside a national park? With Watchman's campground, you are inside the park and will have electricity only but access to water and a dump station. Zion Canyon Campground in Springdale is the closest outside the park and is 1 mile away. You have shuttles, full hookups, and waterfront campsites along the Zion River for all your water rafting adventures.  Zion River Resort in Virgen has a shuttle into Zion and is along the Zion River. This is the closest campground for Horseback riding adventures. 


Bryce Canyon National Park, a sprawling reserve in southern Utah, is known for crimson-colored hoodoos, which are spire-shaped rock formations. The park’s main road leads past the expansive Bryce Amphitheater, a hoodoo-filled depression lying below the Rim Trail hiking path. It overlooks Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Inspiration Point, and Bryce Point. Prime viewing times are around sunup and sundown.

Available for year-round travel. Some campgrounds are seasonal due to below-freezing temperatures and high elevations.

2 hours away from Zion. 2 1/2 hours from Horseshoe bend, 2 1/2 hours from Capital Reef, 4 1/2 from Arches


Ruby's Inn (closest to the park) 1 mile outside the park

Bryce Canyon Pines - 7 miles outside the park

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds?

Ruby's Inn is the most visited campground, with a shuttle into Bryce Canyon right across the street from the campground store. The shuttle is every 15 minutes. Everyone loves camping in the big pine trees and star gazing at night. This is the closest campground with full hookups to the park. Bryce Canyon Pines is another recommended option having many of the same amenities including different tour options. 



Navajo Upper Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon in the American Southwest, on Navajo land east of LecheeArizona. It includes six separate, scenic slot canyon sections on the Navajo Reservation, referred to as Upper Antelope Canyon, Rattle Snake Canyon, Owl Canyon, Mountain Sheep Canyon, and Lower Antelope Canyon has a hiking trail to Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

Open year-round. The best time to go is between March and October. Slot canyons are dangerous in wet months.

15 minutes away from Horseshoe Bend. 4 1/2 hours from Arches, 2 hours from Monument Valley.


Antelope Point Marina Rv - 10 minutes from the park

Page Lake Powell Campground- 6 minutes from the park

Roam Horseshoe Bend-6 minutes from the park

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds?

Antelope Point Marina  is the closest to the lake with many doing water activities, and it has full hookups. Page Lake Powell Campground and Roam Horseshoe Bend are new to our listing and have recently been recommended by guests. 

antelope canyon.jpeg

Monument Valley, a red-sand desert region on the Arizona-Utah border, is known for the towering sandstone buttes of Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The park, frequently a filming location for Western movies, is accessed by the looping, 17-mile Valley Drive. The famous, steeply sloped Mittens buttes can be viewed from the road or overlook such as John Ford’s Point. 

Available for year-round travel. 

3 hours from Moab/Arches, 3 hours from Mesa Verde NP, 2 hours from Antelope Canyon or Horse Shoe Bend.


Goulding's Rv- 6 miles

Monument Valley Koa Journey- 6 miles

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds?

Goulding's RV and Monument Valley Koa are both the same distance, just in different directions. They both provide the same amenities and give you beautiful views along your journey. Plan to wait in line for your photo op on the highway. 

monument valley.jpeg

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a natural formation distinguished by layered bands of red rock, revealing millions of years of geological history in cross-section. Vast in scale, the canyon averages 10 miles across and a mile deep along its 277-mile length. Much of the area is a national park, with Colorado River white-water rapids and sweeping vistas. 

Available for year-round travel. 

3 hours from Lake Powell, 3 1/2 hours from Lake Mead, or 4 1/2 hours from Las Vegas. 1 hour from Williams, 3 1/2 hours from Monument Valley


Trailer Village- In the park  1 mile 

Grand Canyon Camper Village- 15 minutes

Williams Circle Pines Koa- 1 hour 

Grand Canyon Railway Rv Park- 1 hour

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds?

The campgrounds each offer different options. Trailer Village is in the park, walking distance to the viewpoints with free-roaming Elk.  You are right by the General Store too. Grand Canyon Camper Village is in the town. Then Williams Circle Pines Koa is a family favorite with an indoor pool, go-karts, movie nights, kiddy trains, and more. Its near the deer farm and Bearizona, the wild animal park you can drive the RV through. Grand Cayon Railway RV park is in Williams and offers a different experience riding the train into the Grand Canyon. 

grand canyon south.jpeg

Yellowstone National Park is a nearly 3,500-sq.-mile wilderness recreation area atop a volcanic hot spot. Mostly in Wyoming, the park spreads into parts of Montana and Idaho, too. Yellowstone features dramatic canyons, alpine rivers, lush forests, hot springs, and gushing geysers, including its most famous, Old Faithful. It also has hundreds of animal species, including bears, wolves, bison, elk, and antelope. 

Available for travel from May through October only. 

10 1/2 hours from Las Vegas. 4 1/2 hours from Salt Lake City, 2 1/2 hours from Grand Teton. 


Yellowstone Koa West- 10 minutes

Fishing Bridge- In Park 

Grizzly Rv - 5 minutes

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds? 

Fishing Bridge is the only campground located in the park with hookups. Yellowstone Koa West and Grizzly Rv are both located at the west entrance and very close to the Park, making it super convenient. 

yellow stone.jpeg

Located in northwestern Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park preserves a spectacular landscape rich with majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and extraordinary wildlife. 

Available for year-round travel. 

2 1/2 hours from Yellowstone. 5 1/2 hours from Dinosaur Monument, 4 1/2 hours from Salt Lake City, 


Colter Bay- on Jackson lake 20 minutes drive

Several other links

Why did guests recommend this campground?

Coulter Bay Rv campground is located along Jackson Lake and is less than 20 minutes away. This is the most popular campground.

grand teton.jpeg

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument is an American national monument located on the southeast flank of the Uinta Mountains on the border between Colorado and Utah at the confluence of the Green and Yampa rivers. 

Available for year-round travel. 

5 hours from Grand Teton or 4 1/2 hours from Moab


Silver Sage

Buck N Bull Rv

dinosaur .jpeg

Twentynine Palms

Twentynine Palms, California is the home of Joshua Tree National Park headquarters and north entrance, and it is the official Gateway to the new Mojave Trails National Monument. Nestled in the Mojave Desert, its sprawling terrain is scattered with monolithic rocks and sprinkled with wildflowers during the spring season. Its skies are painted with color at dawn and dusk, with night skies bringing an abundance of stars and the stunning Milky Way. Also home to the 29 Palms Marine Base since 1952, this friendly community attracts artists and those seeking wide open spaces where peace and quiet flourish. Stargazing, hiking, rock climbing, wildlife, bird watching, wildflowers, cultural arts, events, food and lodging, desert hospitality and a rich history in 29!

Year round travel, popular October-March. 

3 hours from Las Vegas or 20 minutes from Joshua Tree NP, 4 hours from Death Valley Np.


Twenty-nine Palms Resort

Joshua Tree Lake RV


Yosemite National Park is in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s famed for its giant, ancient sequoia trees, and for Tunnel View, the iconic vista of towering Bridalveil Fall and the granite cliffs of El Capitan and Half Dome.

Not recommended for winter travel. 

10 hours from Las Vegas or 3 1/2 hours from The Sequoias.


Yosemite Pines Rv

Yosemite Ridge Resort


At Lake Mead, you can swim, boat, hike, cycle, camp, and fish at America’s first and largest national recreation area. With striking landscapes and brilliant blue waters, this year-round playground spreads across 1.5 million acres of mountains, canyons, valleys, and two vast lakes. See the Hoover Dam from the waters of Lake Mead or Lake Mohave, or find solitude in one of the park's nine wilderness areas.

Available year-round

1 hour from Las Vegas North and 1 hour from Vegas South. 4 1/2 hours from the south rim of the Grand Canyon, 20 minutes from Valley of Fire on the North side. Hoover Dam 15 minutes from Lake Mead RV Village. 


Boulder Beach- near Hoover Dam's south side

Lake Mead RV Village- near Hoover Dam south side

Callville  Bay Campground- mid-lake 

Echo Bay -Northern Lakeside

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds?

Boulder Beach and Lake Mead RV Village are close and convenient to Hoover Dam, and you can also spend a day at the lake. They are a nice stop on the way back to Vegas from Arizona. Callville RV campground is located mid-lake and has a nice marina for water activities in its Callville Bay.  Echo Bay RV is located on the north side of Lake Mead in the Overton Arm and is closest to Valley of Fire. 

lake mead.jpeg

Bullhead City is located on the Colorado River in Mohave County, Arizona. Bullhead City is directly across the Colorado River from Laughlin, Nevada, whose casinos and ancillary services supply much of the employment for Bullhead City.

Available year-round for travel

1 1/2 hours from Vegas, 3 1/2 hours from South Rim Grand Canyon. 3 1/2 hours from Phoenix. 


Camp Davis Campground

Laughlin Koa

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds? 

Camp Davis and Laughlin Koa are located along the Colorado River, where you can enjoy many water activities or are a short distance from the Casinos and entertainment. 


St. George/ Hurricane Utah

St. George is a city in southwestern Utah. Nearby Snow Canyon State Park offers trails, dunes, and red sandstone cliffs. Sand Hollow State Park features a large reservoir, also nearby is Quail Creek reservoir. Rent ATVs and have some fun on the dunes or splash in the water. So much to do for families at this stop. 

Available for year-round travel. 

1 1/2 hours away from Las Vegas or 1 hour from Zion.

45 minutes from Cedar City, 


Sand Hollow State Park Campground

St. George KOA

McArthur's Temple View Rv resort

Why do our guests recommend these campgrounds?

Sand Hollow State Park is loved for its body contact lake, water activities, and off-road adventures. St.George Koa is located at the Quail Creek Reservoir entrance, across the road from Sand Hollow. McArthur's Temple is midtown and has a lot of family-friendly things to do. 


Capital Reef 

Capitol Reef National Park is in Utah's south-central desert. It surrounds a long wrinkle in the earth known as the Waterpocket Fold, with layers of golden sandstone, canyons, and striking rock formations. Among the park's sights are the Chimney Rock pillar, the Hickman Bridge arch, and Capitol Reef, known for its white sandstone domes. In the north are the towering monoliths of Cathedral Valley.

Open year-round. Some campgrounds close due to below-freezing temperatures.

2 1/2 hours away from Bryce. 2 hours from Arches, 


Wonderland RV Resort- 4 miles from the park

Sand Creek Rv Resort- 6 miles from the park

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds?

Wonderland RV  is the most visited campground closest to Capital Reef NP, and it has full hookups.  Sand Creek RV is another recommended option, having many of the same amenities only a couple miles away and is a owned.


and Canyonlands National Park-Moab


Arches National Park lies north of Moab in the state of Utah. Bordered by the Colorado River in the southeast, it’s known as the site of more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, such as the massive, red-hued Delicate Arch in the east. A long, thin Landscape Arch stands in Devil's Garden to the north. Other geological formations include Balanced Rock, towering over the desert landscape in the middle of the park. 

Canyonlands National Park in southeastern Utah is known for its dramatic desert landscape carved by the Colorado River. Island in the Sky is a huge, flat-topped mesa with panoramic overlooks. Other notable areas include the towering rock pinnacles known as the Needles, the remote canyons of the Maze and the Native American rock paintings in Horseshoe Canyon. Whitewater rapids flow through Cataract Canyon.

Available for year-round travel. 

4 hours from Bryce, 3 hours from Monument Valley, 2 hours from Grand Junction, 3 hours from Dinosaur National Monument. 

Campgrounds in Moab between both parks

Moab Valley RV

Portal Rv 

Canyonlands Rv Resort 4 locations in Moab

Koa Holiday Moab

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds? 

Moab is the perfect little town between both beautiful national parks. You can stay at any of these many campgrounds and have access to both within 40 minutes of travel time. There is a lot to do in Moab. Its a perfect stop for a couple of days. Suncoast owns 4 Moab locations near the different parks throughout the city. 


Lake Powell is an artificial reservoir on the Colorado River in Utah and Arizona. The city of Page connects Lake Powell and the famous Horseshoe Bend stop. Horseshoe Bend is a horseshoe-shaped incised meander of the Colorado River near Page, Arizona, United States. It is also called the "east rim of the Grand Canyon. 

Available for year-round travel.

2 1/2 hours from Bryce. 3 hours from Monument Valley. 4 1/2 from Arches. 15 minutes from Antelope Canyon


Wahweap RV Park (on Lake Powell)- 20 minutes 

Antelope Canyon RV Marina (along the river) 20 minutes

Roam Campground and Rv 

Page Lake Powell Campground

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds? 

Wahweap RV park is located on the lake and offers many things to do. It also has full hookups and a cool park store. Antelope Canyon RV park has full hookups on the Colorado River and offers water activities as well. Both are on opposite sides of Horseshoe Bend. 


Sedona is an Arizona desert town near Flagstaff that’s surrounded by red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls, and pine forests. It’s noted for its mild climate and vibrant arts community. Uptown Sedona is dense with New Age shops, spas, and art galleries. On the town’s outskirts, numerous trailheads access Red Rock State Park, which offers bird-watching, hiking, and picnicking spots. 

Available for year-round travel. 

2 hours from Grand Canyon South Rim or 4 1/2 hours from Las Vegas. 2 1/2 hours to the Petrified Forest.


Rancho Sedona Rv Park - in the city

Oak Creek Mobile Lodge- in the city

Lo Lo Mai Springs Rv- 20 minutes outside the city

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds?

Rancho Sedona, Oak Creek Lodge, and Lo Lo Mai Springs are all located along different parts of Oak Creek. All have plenty of trees for shade and a beautiful environment. You will be near Slide Rock Park also. 


Quartzsite, Arizona, is considered the RV Boondocking capital of the world. Every winter, the small, eclectic desert town of Quartzsite draws hundreds of thousands to escape the cold and meet up with other RVers. But there’s so much more to do in Quartzsite that you don’t want to miss during your pilgrimage. Because of the desert southwest’s mild weather and the vastness of free 14-day BLM boondocking, it’s the perfect time and place to meet up with friends. But it’s not just about gathering in the desert, stargazing, and campfires. Quartzsite is an hour and a half from the KOFA Animal Refugee. 

The best time to travel is the winter months, October - March. Snowbird hot spot. 

3 1/2 hours from Las Vegas. 2 1/2 hours from Joshua Tree, 2 hours from Phoenix, 2 1/2 hours from Laughlin


Riversands Resort- 20 minutes drive

Park Place RV Park - 5 minutes

Why did guests recommend these campgrounds? 

Riversands is a brand new Luxury Resort in town with a bunch of amenities, and Park Place offers long-term stays if needed for our snow birds. 


Formerly known as Hot Springs, the city of Truth or Consequences (the locals call it “T or C”) has long been a destination for wellness tourism. People have visited these hot springs for their healing properties for centuries, “taking the waters” at the many bathhouses in town.  Today, the charmingly restored hotels, motor courts, and spas reflect this history and offer travelers a wide range of accommodations that retain the flavor of this bygone era, along with healing treatments, including massage, reflexology, mud wraps, reiki, and more.

The best time to travel is October- March. 

10 hours from Las Vegas, 6 1/2 hours from Williams, 2 hours from Albuquerque. 


Hot springs Glamp Camp 5 minutes

Elephant Butte Lake -10 minutes

Why do guests recommend these campgrounds?

The Elephant Butte Lake Rv resort is right along the Rio Grande River. Hot Springs Glamp Camp is located in town but not far from the Rio Grand River. 


Knows as the Land of Giants, Sequoia located in California has huge mountains, rugged foothills, deep canyons, vast caverns, and the world’s largest trees exemplify the diversity of landscapes, life, and beauty here. Explore these pages to learn about the plants and animals here and the threats they face. Our ancient giant sequoias may seem invincible, but they, too are vulnerable.

Not recommended for travel October through February due to snow and steep terrain. 

6 hours from Las Vegas or 3 1/2 hours from Yosemite.


Sequoia Rv Ranch

Sequoia Campground and Lodge


Death Valley is a desert valley in Eastern California, in the northern Mojave Desert, bordering the Great Basin Desert. During summer, it is one of the hottest places on Earth, along with deserts in the Middle East and the Sahara.

We do not recommend camping in Death Valley May 31-Oct 1. Best time to travel is October through Mid May prior to the heat. It is a popular winter destination.  

2 hours from Las Vegas 


Furnace Creek Campground

Stovepipe Wells Rv Park


Driving Route 66 is still a great experience, We drove our kids along half of it in Kooper heading to the Crater of Diamonds. Historic motels dot the entire route and serve as an authentic way to drive along Route 66. On top of that, due to how Route 66 stretches across the Southwest and Midwest, there are plenty of other major attractions not too far from Route 66

The route goes from California to Chicago


Las Vegas-Home Port




Oklahoma City


Saint Louis


route 66.jpeg


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