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Parallel Lines

You have options when you own an RV

Since we started this business years ago we have helped many RV owners looking to rent their personal RV's to make some extra money offering year round or seasonal services. We are one of the few fleet management companies in Nevada. Call  or text for a consultation to see if our services can benefit you. 805-766-0766


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Extra Income

Why have your RV sitting costing you money? Let us put your RV on the road and make you money to offset your monthly costs of owning it. Our goal is to help your RV pay for itself and then some. We are in a high demand location with a 400% increase in demand since the Pandemic started. 

Insurance while on the Road

We partner with RV rental platforms that provide some of the best insurance while your Rv is on the road. We verify insurance coverage prior to departure for peace of mind, as well as, take pre trip and post trip photos for your protection. You would still carry your personal RV insurance which protects the RV when it's not rented.

Wanting you use your RV

Wanting to make money but still use your RV? No problem! Just let us know the dates and if not already reserved then it's all yours. 

Vetting Renters

We treat your RV as our own. All guests are extensively verified and must meet minimum age requirements. They will pass through  identity checks for our safety and security, as well as, having a driving record check performed. At departure all drivers must perform a drive test. In the vetting process we have found that sometimes you need to trust your gut also.  

Support around the clock

Not only are all guests provided with 24 hour roadside assistance from the rental platform, we personally provide 24-hour technical phone support. We also create illustrated books with step-by-step instructions on how to operate everything we teach them in the hour and a half demonstration prior to departure. Yes, I do really answer the calls 24/7 for our guests. 

Hands on or hands off

You have the option to be hands on and very involved or hands off and only recieve a check each month. It's up to you while we do the work.


Katy the RV Lady, Co-Owner

Over the years I have wanted to branch out and do more besides helping families make memories renting our RV's. I wanted to help others make money and become successful with whatever type of recreational vehicle they have. I have a large community of RV owners locally and nationally that I help mentor to provide the best experience possible in the rental business for owners and guests alike. 

Nathan the Builder, Co-Owner

I am a retired Navy Seabee. That time as a Seabee really shaped my outlook on daily life by instilling a "Can Do" attitude. With that attitude and my ability to fix almost anything, I help keep the RV's in tip top shape. I often try to think outside the box to find creative solutions to challenges. Katy's unwavering determination paired with my innovation make us an unstoppable team!

Parallel Lines
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